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Your village for pregnancy, birth and motherhood. 

Image by Bethany Beck

What is Gather?

It takes a village to raise a… mother. 


Gather is here to redefine that village for the times we live in, creating community and support on the journey from pregnancy to motherhood.

We offer classes, workshops and gatherings to empower, educate and connect mothers. 


Come gather. We don’t have to do this alone. 

Hello & welcome to Gather!

I'm Clare.

A winding path has led me to the creation of Gather. As a student and teacher of yoga, I am a big believer in the power of movement, breath and gathering in circle to share experience. That shared experience brightens our lives, deepens our connection and allows us to feel together.

A bumpy journey into motherhood made me realise how much this is missing as we go through one of the most transformative, magical and challenging transitions of our lives. 

Matrescence; the birth of a mother, can begin even before pregnancy. I'm here to walk that path with you, holding space for you to connect deeper to yourself, your needs, your body and your heart.  

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